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International Project “European Heritage Net – HEREIN 2Е” (2002-2003)


 The project was funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of Culture

  Implemented by the BNC of ICOMOS (national coordinator) in collaboration with experts from the National Institute for Monuments of Culture.

The Project European Heritage Net (HEREIN) was initiated based on decision of the Fourth European Conference of the Ministers in the field of cultural heritage (Helsinki, May. 1996). The project was included within the 5th Framework Programme of the European Union with identifying No IST –01-6-1A; its funding was granted by the European Commission, while its coordination, by the Council of Europe. The project was launched in 1999 and Bulgaria joined it in 2001.

The aim of the Project was to build a constantly updated interactive information system giving information on the preservation and management of the cultural heritage in the European countries, as well as about the use of the heritage, including for the development of cultural tourism.

The national report for Bulgaria was prepared with information about the national policy in the field of heritage and regarding the preservation mechanisms, the management of the cultural heritage properties and their use, especially for the needs of cultural tourism. The English version of the Bulgarian report was uploaded on the net (www.european-heritage.net). The organizers appraised the report for Bulgaria as one of the good quality national reports. The Bulgarian version of the multi-language thesaurus of the cultural heritage terms was prepared. Bulgarian specialists have participated in thirteen workshops of the group that were held in the period 2001-2003. The Bulgarian National Committee of ICOMOS organized two workshops of the Working Group in Bulgaria (Sofia, 22-23 October 2001 and Sofia/Plovdiv, 10-13 April 2003). The project was appraised as one of the most successful projects within the European Union.

According to the regulation regarding the updating of the network, every participating country regularly updates its national report. The last update for Bulgaria was made in August 2007. 

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