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Thracian Tomb near the Village of Svestari – Open to the Public (1998 – 2000)


 The Project was funded by the Hadley Trust, Great Britain

 The Thracian Tomb near the village of Svestari (ІV c. B.C.) is one of the most valuable monuments of the capital of the Geths, whose heritage was unearthed in the National Reserve „Sboryanovo”. With its remarkable architecture and especially with its decorative system (sculpture figures, stone figures and frescoes) – the tomb is a unique phenomenon not only in Thracian but also in world culture and still in 1985 it was inscribed on the List of World Heritage.

The large scale and diverse works for the survey and preservation of the tomb were launched after its discovery in 1982 and have continued for almost 20 years, but due to lack of funding remained unfinished and the tomb itself – inaccessible for the public.

The final objective of the project implemented by the BNC of ICOMOS was that the monument be open for visitors and be displayed in a way that corresponds to its exclusive value. The main tasks of the project were related to this objective: carrying out of pending conservation and restoration works for the tomb; carrying out construction works and finishes for its protective and displaying cover (roughly built about 20 years ago); assembly of modern technical installations granting the preservation and security of the monument (electrical system, air conditioning, alarm system); putting in place of social infrastructure (rehabilitation of road, parking lot, toilets); creation and promotion using contemporary means of a cultural and tourist product, securing the optimal display of the monument (system of information signs, exhibition regarding the history of conservation, multimedia presentation).

Since 2000, after the successful end of the project and the inauguration of the Tomb in Svestari, it turned into a model of a remunerating cultural tourist site. 

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