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National Cultural Routes Network (1999)


 The Project was funded by the Phare Programme BG 9606 – Development of arts and assistance for Bulgarian culture 1999.



The aim of the project was to identify and promote the main cultural routes in Bulgaria as a base for integrated development of cultural tourism. The project was a pilot application of the International Charter of ICOMOS for cultural tourism and for its publications concerning the cultural routes, as well as of the principles of the Council of Europe for the development of the European cultural routes. The project used the experience gathered by the BNC of ICOMOS in the organization and carrying out of specialized trips along five cultural routes for the participants in the 11th General Assembly of ICOMOS (Sofia, 1996), as well as of the trip of the specialized Japanese group (1998) along the cultural route “Peaks of Bulgarian cultural heritage”.

Methods for the identification of the cultural routes were devised within the scope of the project, which, together with the quality and attraction of the cultural sites took into account a series of factors with great importance for tourism (natural factors, road network, tourist infrastructure etc.); a data base of the tourist cultural resources was established (GIS / Arc View); the first maps of six thematic cultural routes were made. 


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