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International Project: Campaign of the Council of Europe “Europe, a Common Heritage” (1999-2000)


 The Project was funded by the Ministry of Culture within the scope of the National inter-institutional programme for cooperation with the Council of Europe.

 BNC of ICOMOS is National coordinator and secretariat of the inter-institutional working group for the holding of the campaign.

The Council of Europe campaign “Europe, a common heritage” was held in September 1999 – September 2000 in relation to the 50th anniversary of the Council of Europe, following a decision, taken at the Second Summit of Heads of States in 1997. Bulgaria took part in the project with its project “The Balkans, a common heritage”, included in the programme of the Council of Europe.

The aim of the project was to promote Bulgarian cultural heritage in the context of the heritage in the region through a series of local and regional initiatives.

On the initiative of the BNC of ICOMOS a national inter-institutional network of partners for the coordination of the initiatives in the filed of heritage was created; the leading role in the network was for the Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of regional development and public works and with the general coordination of the BNC of ICOMOS; a series of events were held to promote the Bulgarian and Balkan cultural heritage through national and cross-border cultural routes, exhibitions, inauguration of cultural points accessible to the public, internet sites etc. The final document of the Council of Europe refers positively fourteen times to Bulgaria with regard to projects of the Bulgarian National Committee of ICOMOS.

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